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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A day at the office

So today I went to work prepared. I had some go lean kashi for breakfast with skim milk. At lunch I had packed a dry salmon pack (similar to tuna) and a deli thin slice of bread. I got condiments from the cafeteria (light mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, and pickles) and made myself a yummy salmon sandwich and enjoyed a glass of unsweet tea and some snack size carmel rice cakes. This afternoon around 3PM I was a little hungry but I had packed some oven roasted almonds which I had roasted a few weeks ago and had about a dozen. They held me over till I got home. At lunch I asked my friends if they would do the stairs with me twice a day and two of them agreed. So I will pack some comfy shoes in order to start this.

Tonight I went to Walmart and bought more produce, cheese, yogurts, and two boxes of cereal for my fridge at work. I have really been trying to shop the outside isle and skip all the processed food. There are still a few things I pick up but getting better at eating fresh. I noticed the the farmers market across the street has cucumbers, squash, corn and peppers. I am off tomorrow so going to go by early in the morning before it is picked over and get us some! Well, that is all for now....nighty-night!

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