My Weight Loss Progress

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why choose failure when success is an option?

So today was my first day back to work. It was good to be back and I must say that many people noticed my weight loss. I didn't think they would but they did. I have so far still to go so I have to come up with a plan of attack. I know that it will be hard to pack lunches so I am investing in a mini fridge that will fit under my desk! I am going to buy a box of cereal each weekend, 3 yogurts, diet cokes, 3 pieces of fruit and snacks to keep. I want to buy everything on the weekend and prep it and take it to work on Monday and have enough for the whole week. While I can't eat the same things every day with out going crazy I know that 3 days a week I can eat cereal for breakfast, yogurt & sandwich for lunch, a piece of fruit for a snack and some other little snack like a snack pack of crackers or something. The good news is that the hospital always has condiments, beverages, and sandwich fixings (lettuce, tomato, pickle) available to me everyday so I dont have to take all that stuff. I am really leaning toward tuna sandwich as I can bring those small dry packs of tuna and slap it on some bread and make something real easy. I hate packing a sandwich ahead of time because the bread always gets soggy. So, I just want to stock my little fridge with some essentials (lunch meat, carrot stix, etc) that way I will always have a plan.

Now, this will not always work! For example today my boss came up to me and asked if I could go to lunch with her (her treat) so we could get caught up on some things. What I am I supposed to say? I told her yes but said to please pick somewhere with some healthy options. Luckily she picked Olive Garden and I knew exactly what I could have. I had the capellini pomodoro with salad. I only ate about half of it though and neglected to eat the bread. I am really going to try and avoid eating lunch out though. The good news is that my best buds at work eat at work almost every day so I can pack my lunch and still meet them upstairs in the atrium and eat. I have told them to hold me accountable.

Not sure what my slump has been in regard to exercise. It might be that I am sick. I have the worst chest congestion and runny nose and I have been coughing my lungs out. The idea of running makes me wanna die. Tomorrow it is my goal to do the stairs G-S-1-2-3-4-5 (7 floors)...I think I can do it at least twice. Hoping to get back into my routine on the treadmill. I have an entire season of Biggest Loser waiting for me. I know once I start, I'll be hooked again! Hopefully, I'll get feeling better too. Being sick is the pits!


  1. GREAT plan! Just stick to it, girl. You are doing amazing!

  2. Congrats on your progress Cheryl!

    I have a quick comment you might consider implementing and that is to ditch the Diet Coke and learn to enjoy water or unsweetened iced tea. There have been some very interesting studies about the interaction with the mental anticipation of calories in sweet tasting things and the body's ability to control food intake. Artificial sweeteners, with their lack of calories yet sweet taste appear to screw up this mechanism to some degree. Ultimately, what has been found is that subjects who consume more items sweetened with artificial sweeteners end up consuming more calories over-all, putting on more weight, gaining more body fat and not cutting back on caloric consumption long term. I read this article in Popular Science last year and found it quite interesting:

    Anyway, If you are hankering for some "cold caffeine" in the afternoon, I'd consider some unsweetened iced tea instead.

    I think it is awesome that you are so determined and making such personal sacrifices to improve your life! You have come a long way in your weight loss quest!

    You rock!

    Love, Tracy

  3. Tracy I know that you're right. I have really lowered my intake to only 1-2 per week and I have been trying to do more unsweetened tea. I have read those same studies about how diet soda actually triggers you to want to eat more. I do need to drink more water. I am like a camel, very rarely actually thirsty but I know that I need to drink more. My grandma drinks decaf iced tea and I actually can't tell a difference. It really isn't the caffeine so much that I like but like the bubbly flavor. I could do sparkling water too but I think they have artificial sweeteners as well. They do seem to help you with the cravings, when I am wanting something sweet a diet coke feels sinful and yummy but I know in the long run it is bad. I think I'll take on your challenge and will try to limit my intake even more and to increase my water! Good tip...thanks for reading!

  4. I know what you mean about the yummy, bubbly, quenching effect a soda has. Once in awhile I indulge in a Pepsi. What you might consider then, is to just drink a real Coke and count the points. Over time you will find yourself wanting a soda less and less. I often go six months or more between a can of Pepsi. Here's another option that I do when I want to reward my crew at work with a cold drink. I take them to the local Maverick gas station and while they all get fountain soda, I fill my Nalgene bottle with ice and then do a 70/30 blend of unsweetened iced tea and raspberry iced tea just to add a little sweet and flavor. Straight raspberry iced tea now seems sooo sweet to me. It is refreshing to sip on at my desk and I am consuming a lot fewer grams of sugar than everyone drinking the sodas.