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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a Week

So, I don't really even know where to get started. I guess I will start with that I lost NO weight this week...I also did not gain any weight this week and I am proud of that. We ate out at least once a day and weren't home hardly at all for the past week. Here is a recap of my week.

My mom flew in that night and we barbecued lean pork chops and corn. My mom took Hudson shopping to buy some new cars! He was so excited. He got some new ones to add to his collection and a new pair of Lightning McQueen jammies!

My mom, Hudson, Reese and I all met up with my grandparents and enjoyed a day on the lake. I packed all of us a healthy lunch and snacks (tuna sandwiches, nectarines, crackers/hummus). My cousins were all flying in that night and we met this at Puelo's Grill for dinner. I had the salmon with double order of steamed veggies (dry with no sauce)

The entire family spent the entire day at Dollywood. I am really wishing I would of wore a pedometer because I can guarantee I walked at least 3 miles that day. For lunch I had a half of a chicken sandwich, pickle and nectarine. That night we came home exhausted but I had pulled out a batch of my homeade spaghetti sauce out of the freezer and quickly made up some rigatoni and we had some yummy noodles.

Another day out on the lake. All of the family met around 10:30 and we had 4 boats out on the lake for majority of the day. We went to the golf course for lunch and I had a Hawaiian salad. That day we did lots of swimming. I went for two long swims and challenged all of my very in-shape cousins to a water treading workout. You should try it. You start by treading water for 10 seconds, then you put your palms out of the water for the next 10 seconds and then you put your hands on your forehead for the last 10 seconds. They all practically drowned. haha! That is one workout I am really great at!

Trav and I headed up to Pigeon Forge again to see the family. We stopped by taco bell and I had a bean burrito. For the record..Taco Bell is my favorite fast food and I hadn't ate it once in 12 weeks). We did a little shopping at the outlet mall then we met up with my family in their beautiful cabin. My uncle Russ bought everything for a barbecue. Chicken Breast, Potato Salad, Corn, Green salad, chips, etc. Travis grilled up all the chicken. It was so yummy. I had a half of a chicken breast that night and one ear of corn. I did have one small piece of strawberry shortcake that night. We did fireworks and enjoyed an evening playing games and talking.

We headed to Pigeon Forge one last time to meet up with family before they left. We met them at the Nascar Speedpark and took Hudson on some little rides. It was so hot that day. Then we went to the 3:30 show of the Dixie Stampede. They serve a lot of food but I was so busy with the baby and Hudson that I barely ate. I had a biscuit and some creamy vegetable soup and took the rest home. We went back to the cabin. I had made home-made raspberry icecream the night before but it wasn't quite frozen enough, so we all went back and had a bowl..said our goodbyes and went home. I didn't feel very good that night so skipped dinner.

We just stayed home and Hudson played in the sprinklers and on the slip and slide. I haven't been feeling well so I haven't had much of an appetite. I kind of carb loaded though and had a couple bowls of cereal through out the day and a bowl of popcorn last night.

That was pretty much my week. I tried to make really good choices but still just all the time away from home makes it hard. Didn't make it on the treadmill but did do lots and lots of walking and swimming. Not sure why I didn't lose; I honestly thought I would lose 1 pound. I stayed exactly the same to the decimal point! I tried to take on my friend's challenge of logging everything but it was so hard because a lot of the food that we ate was out.

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