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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weight Watcher Results: Week 28

Wow! Well, I have been kind of slacking on my blogging. Not really on purpose but it has been a busy week. I didn't post a weigh in last week but sadly it was exactly what I weighed today. This week has been hard. Lots of challenges. An out of town (overnight) business trip, visitors from out of town and Halloween.

I have got to get better about tracking my points! That is where I am really slacking as I know it is mostly diet that keeps this train going. I can't lie though, I have been slacking on the treadmill too! Confession......I am totally hooked on 24. The bad part is...that I have watched 8 episodes (none of them on the treadmill). I better get Travis to hold me accountable. He tried once and I just blew him off.

I am running out of time. I only have 4 weeks till Thanksgiving and if I don't get down to 185...I might just die. I have been hovering between 195 and 200 for like 3 months. What the hell. I mean, I have been far from perfect but should still be going in the right direction. I think I am going to dedicate myself to eating portion controlled lunches (lean cuisines, smart ones, etc) at least from now until Thanksgiving. I need something to jump start this engine again. I am feeling discouraged. I also have not been eating breakfast, which I know is so important.

Lots of goals from now until Thanksgiving:
1) Track points
2) Treadmill at least 3x per week
3) Eat breakfast
4) Drink two Nalgene bottles of water per day (64 oz)

I know that this is the secret to success! I have got to quit slacking off!

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  1. breakfast is SOOOOO important! I really do hope you start eating it. It makes such a difference in my day! I know how it must feel to be stuck around the same place. SO frustrating! But it looks like you know what you need to do to turn it around--I KNOW those goals you have will make a difference! Regardless of weight, however, I hope you know how INCREDIBLE you are for making these healthy choices--the working out is AWESOME and I am jealous you are able to dedicate such time to it. The eating is fine for me--don't usually struggle. But the working out is so hard to fit in because it feels like I am always running (just not in a productive working out kind of way! lol)

    HANG IN THERE! You'll see those numbers soon!