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Monday, November 1, 2010

Have your Dessert and Chew it too

Today my friend at work asked me if I liked Key lime pie; I answered with yes and she said, "you have to try this gum, it tastes just like it". I was hesitant to try it as I am usually a classic gummer. I love bubble and mint but dont really get into the fruity flavors but.... I gave it a try. Surprisingly it tasted exactly like key lime pie, right down to the graham cracker crust. It was so weird but yummy at the same time. It really did taste like easting a dessert. The gum is called Extra's Dessert Sensations. Tonight when I ran into Walgreens I saw another gum flavored mint chocolate chip. This sounded nasty to me even though it is my favorite flavor of ice cream. I usually hate any fake chocolates but curiosity killed me. I had to get it. Again, to my surprise it was good and did taste like the ice cream. On the way home from the store I called my friend Amanda to tell her. She also had tried the key lime and loved it and said that her favorite is the strawberry shortcake. I am going to have to try it next. Anyway, I know it sounds weird but it was really good. It is great for when you are craving something yummy and you don't have any extra calories.

Today I ate really good. Only one point over my threshold. Tonight I just stared at the Halloween Candy craving some....but then I stuck in a piece of my gum and I have been okay. Gum has many health benefits too. It has been proven to help relieve stress, improve oral health, increase alertness, as well as aid in weight management. It can help reduce calorie intake, end mindless munching, and increase energy. It also burns about 11 calories an hour while you chew.

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