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Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Ink

Well, I was going to put my goal of 179 on my arm next Saturday but tonight as I was talking to a friend, she was like you need to do it now! Maybe then you will even lose more if you focus on it. She also challenged any of my friends doing the Biggest Loser challenge to put their goals for the week on their arms in support. She is going to do it too!

So here it is! In permanent ink! I know that I can do it.....January 30th here I come. I haven't been in the 170s in over 10 years. I am also really looking forward to a size 14. I am so close. I have two pairs that fit. I think getting to 179 might just be the ticket!

Today I taught two CPR classes and then came home put the kids to bed and convinced Travis to do the "Shred" video with me. We both got our workout clothes on and did it at 10PM. The thing I love about the Shred is that you only need some hand weights and 20 minutes and you can totally do it. Makes it hard to make excuses. Last night Travis went skiing and my friend Nikki came over and did it with me. I can not tell you how great it is to have other people supporting me. It makes it way more fun to workout when you do it with friends. It has been nice making new friends at the gym too. I love my little workout group on Thursday nights. Sad, I had to miss this week and next week too but I'm planning to go to a make up session on Monday. Headed out of town for the weekend so have to watch what I eat so closely! I think it was good that I wrote it on my arm today. I don't think I would of worked out if I hadn't; especially after working from 11-9.

My plan is to do it tomorrow too and to take the video with me on our trip as well as my hand weights. I can do it with the MAC book in the hotel. I am also looking forward to all the walking and some swimming. I bought the baby her first bikini today. Pics coming soon.

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