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Monday, January 17, 2011

Tips and Tricks for Weight Loss

This weekend I went to an event called "Holiday Hangover" and listened to a fitness & nutrition coach talk about some tips and tricks for weight loss and healthy eating. I thought that I would share some of them.

The Dining Table
Have fun, turn off the TV, eat buffet style (don't keep the food on the table or you will continue to go for seconds and thirds). One of my family members actually dishes up the portions to her family and then immediately puts the leftovers in tupperware containers for lunch tomorrow. I love this idea!

Eat breakfast everyday; even if its something small. Eat complex carbs, protein and fat. (Ideas include: Yogurt parfaits, smoothies, scrambled eggs & whole wheat toast, whole grain waffles & pancakes, English muffin w/peanut butter and banana)

Eat Super Foods
Veggies such as spinach, broccoli and sweet potato, small fruits & berries, and nuts such as almonds and cashews. Other good foods are whole grains including brown rice, steel cut oats, whole wheat bread and popcorn. Beans are also high in fiber; try kidneys, black beans or chickpeas. Beef & Omega 3 foods. Yes, beef and others like tuna, salmon, eggs and avocados. Drink low fat milk, cheese and yogurt (beware of the sugar, you might try Kefir yogurt or stoneybrook) for your dairy.

Stay Hydrated
Drink lots and lots of water. Drink it as soon as you awake since your body is dehydrated after sleeping. Drink it before meals; lots of times we are not really hungry but thirsty. Try to drink a minimum of 64oz per day.

Eat things God made
Pretty much this means shop the outside perimeter of the store; eat fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, eggs. If it has lots of ingredients or things in it you can't pronounce, it probably isn't that good for you. Eat things in their natural form if possible.

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