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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wii Dance

On Friday night I was invited to a Wii Dance party. I LOVE to dance and so it didn't even take me 30 seconds to give my RSVP of "Yes, I will be there". I totally thought that I would dominate. Most people see me and would not take me as a dancer but little do they know that this booty was meant for shakin'. A whole lot of shaking. I mean, I can really shake it. haha. However, when I arrived to my dismay I was not the dominator and I kept getting the low score. However, it only judges you by what your right hand does and I had the head, arms, hips, etc all moving. I am sure I could perfect it; I guess there is a special way to hold the remote.

There were about 20 of us girls and only 4 remotes so we all just danced even if we didn't have a remote. I went crazy burning calories. I wore my bodybugg and burned almost 900 calories in those 2 fun hours of dancing. It was great. I gave up on trying to get a high score and decided to just try and dance my heart out. I did and while I was at it, I tried to shake my butt right off my body. It didn't work (it's still there) but maybe it's getting smaller.

We are going to have Wii parties every month and I am hosting the next one. I can't wait! Two things I love the most...throwing parties and dancing. What a fun way to burn calories. It was also great being with all my workout buddies and trainer. They are such a big support. It feels really good when one of them that is in perfect shape tells me that I am somehow their inspiration. It is that which keeps me going. When the people around you all have a common goal of "being in shape", no matter what their size is, it is nice. It is nice to have friends with common goals and that built in support system. Totally looking forward to having at my house and then I will make sure to post some pictures.

I'm going back to Zumba on Tuesday for some more booty shaking. Here is to shakin' it off!

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