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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back to the BodyBugg

I renewed my subscription with my bodybugg so that I can know exactly how many calories I am burning. I have been wearing it religiously, even sometimes when I sleep. Today in Zumba I burned 625 calories. I love knowing the numbers. It truly is a science; how to lose weight.

Today after Zumba they were shooting a quick video for the website that a group of girls said "Group Fitness is Fun!"..I knew the camera crew so a little pressure to be in the video. Another reason to wear your make-up to the gym. Once the video is posted, I'll put a link on my blog.

I really do love to dance. As soon as I am done training for the half I plan to do Zumba a lot more often. I just can't right now because I need to focus on running. It is fun to have one cross training day of zumba though and one of spin. Zumba is still high impact though so I will have to be careful of my knees. I can't wait to try out my should be here today! Tonight I have CPR class at Hudson's preschool and Hudson has karate. Travis is going to take the kids to the gym tonight but I am glad that I got my workout done and out of the way. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain so I am back to the treadmill.

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