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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bare Necessities

A couple must haves while running
1) I-pod (Pandora...Lady Gaga station)
2) Skull candy ear buds
3) Good shoes (just got some new Brooks Glycerin)
4) Water
5) Towel (if on treadmill...I sweat really bad)
6) Deodorant (remember the sweating)
7) Hair band and a bobby pin (hair must be pulled back and bangs too)
8) Workout clothes (I love my one pair of pants that has a small pocket that my ipod can fit into while I am outside)
9) ICE!!! (Yep, you are reading it right....after workout)

So here are the things that I have to have to complete a successful run. Without them I am lost! I have never had knee problems but the running and spinning are making them ache. I bought some new stabilizing tape called KT Tape from amazon (it will be here tomorrow). I am excited to try it. I can't do a brace, I hate how they bunch up in the back. I have some soft flexible ice packs that I have been putting on my knees every night. They don't feel injured, just tired. I figure that people on the biggest loser practically take ice baths so I can ice my knees. I am hoping that this whole running thing can only get easier.

I am not good at it! Also this race is something for my bucket list, it is to honor my friend Win Apel who recently died from battle with a brain tumor. However, I guarantee you that I will not get hooked. This is a one time deal. I love to ride the bike and dance but I am only running to prove to myself that I can do this. I am excited to see the results too. My hips and legs are my biggest problem areas; I can only assume that running and spinning will be good for them.

What are you're running essentials? Do you love to run or do you do it cause it works?

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  1. You left out 1 essential... #10) Industrial Strength Sports Bra. Whether you have some weight to lose or just big boobs my must have is a great bra. I know girls who wear 2 or 3 cheapos, but that is silly. Shell out the moolah for a good one. It makes all the difference. Besides that a decent pair of shoes and i am good. I don't listen to music or track myself. I just run. Whatever it takes though.