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Monday, January 23, 2012

A half marathon...really??

Well today was day 1.
2 miles down, I only have to be able to do 11 more. Lol. I am following the galloway walk-run program for 14 weeks. Today I did 1 minute intervals between walking and running on the treadmill. I just put in my head phones and went. I pretended in my head that I was dancing as I just bounced along to the beat. It actually felt really good. I sweat a ton. The sweat was actually dripping onto the treadmill. The treadmill was awesome because it had a setting called speed interval. It allowed you to put in a walking speed and a running speed and then you just had to push the interval button once to switch back and forth. I am slow! Today I did two, 13 minute miles. Not bad though, figuring I was walking half the time. I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew...but here it goes. The goal is to finish.

My Training Schedule looks like this:
Monday: Weight training-Walk/Run intervals
Tuesday: Spin
Wednesday: Weight training-Walk/Run intervals
Thursday: Zumba
Friday:Weight training-Walk/Run intervals
Saturday: Long run
Sunday: Rest

This will be pretty intense for the next 14 weeks. The walk run intervals become harder over time....more running, less walking. I have no excuses though, I can always use my treadmill at home if needed and I have weights at home as well. If I skip anything it will be my cross training days on Tues and Thursday; however these are the nights that Hudson goes to Karate so I will be there anyway.

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