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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Tammye

(Tammye and I at the Sugarland concert)

Yesterday was Tammye's birthday; so a quick tribute. I like to tell people that Tammye is like my mama bird. A little more than a year ago I entered her nest and she taught me how to fly. She gave me all of the tools to learn to work out and gave me the passion and motivation to work on my goals. She has got to be one of the most knowledgable trainers I have ever met.

When I first met her I knew how to work out. I knew all the basic moves (i.e., bench press, squat, curls, etc) but she taught me much more about compound movements and how to burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time. Sometimes I felt like I was hopping on one foot, patting my head and rubbing my belly at the same time....but it worked. I got more balance, more strength and more endurance.

As many of you know I have left the Tammye nest. I have joined a gym and now that I know how to fly I am trying to take my fitness to another level; and while I am at it show some of my friends how to fly too. I still visit the nest and go back for more. I am loving Weekend Warrior and all of the motivational texts and talks Tammye and I have. I know that she is one of my biggest fans and believes in me.

Truth be told, I am one of her biggest fans too. She has invested lots of time into me and I love her for that. I have shared things with her that I wouldn't share with very many people. You should see my before pictures. Can you imagine me in a sports bra and bikini bottom? Yuck. Yep...she has seen it. Probably didn't want to but she did.

She has became one of my closest friends and I can't wait to finish the journey and to make her proud. Happy Birthday Tammye! You have changed my life more than you will ever know. Words do not express how grateful I am to have found you and to have you be a part of my life. Thanks for being such a great support! I promise that I am going to finish this thing!

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  1. Thank you my dear for the Birthday tribute! You are right that I am one of your biggest fans and yes, I do believe in you! Look forward to all the fun to come! Love you!