My Weight Loss Progress

Friday, February 3, 2012

I never would have thought.......

We have gotten to know the gym manager pretty well. He signed us up for the gym and he is very friendly and we see him often. He knows that Trav works for a supplement place and that he used to work for and he is an ex-bodybuilder so we all just kind of hit it off.

Tonight we decided to take the kids swimming and as we were walking into the gym, he was walking out. He waved to Travis and said, "Hey man, sorry I've missed you the last couple times you've been here, good to see you". Then he looked over at me and he said, "I mean, I see her all the time, she is practically like a piece of furniture in this place, I see her every day". Did you hear that? A piece of furniture!

If you would have asked me 2 years ago if I thought someone would be calling me a daily gym goer and implying that I am there as often as their furniture, I would have laughed at you. I am really proud of my accomplishments in the gym. I take that as a real compliment to my commitment. I really do have the bug and love to go. I look forward to finding time and being there. No excuses, there is always enough time.

I have been wearing my bodybugg and on average I burn about 2250-2400 calories a day. This makes me feel optimistic about keeping my weight off once I get it off. As long as I eat less than that, I should stay the same. However a pound is approx 3500 cals, so to burn 2 a week, you have to have a deficit of 1000 a day or 7000 per week. That is why losing it much faster is so hard. I would have to be maintaining a diet of only about 1200-1300 calories a day. That really isn't much. That's okay though, I'm not in it for the short run. This is a journey and I know that someday I will complete it. I also know that creating my good workout habits will help me to maintain and stay healthy later.

Today was a great day! My friend Kristy and I took the kids to the park for about 3 hours and they had so much fun. It was a gorgeous day (I should have taken my running shoes to the park). Tomorrow Travis and I are going to run in our neighborhood. There is 300 ft elevation change and we can do a 3.5 mile loop. It will probably kill me but I am excited to try! It will help prepare me for the half with the large elevation changes that it has too. Hopefully it doesn't rain or get too cold. The problem with today was that I was super busy this morning. For breakfast I had a string cheese and a handful of almonds. However, I had several errands to run and was supposed to meet my friend at noon. I didn't have a lot of time to pack a picnic so we quickly ran thru chic-fil-a and got some food. I definitely over indulged but skipped dinner tonight. Our 3rd annual Super Bowl Party is Sunday, I am already preparing to have lots of healthy choices so I don't blow it!


  1. I did the "Spinapalooza" class this morning. 2 hrs of high intensity. It killed me. Exercise really is addictive. So glad you are enjoying it so much.

  2. Girl, you are awesome!! Seriously, you have done amazing. It truly has been a life change for you. You're a great inspiration!!