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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kuddos to Biggest Loser & I-Pad

So last night Trav and I decided to treat ourselves to Mexican food. Luckily I had been below my points so had almost enough to enjoy whatever I'd like. I went for bean and rice burrito with shrimp and a diet coke. I indulged in a few chips and salsa but the basket still looked pretty full when we left, I also had a diet coke with lime. Yummy. When I got home to put in my points the closest thing I could find was a bean and rice, shrimp burrito at Baja Fresh. There was one that was 18 points and one that was 21. Just in case, I plugged in the higher value burrito. This put me 4 points over for the day but I still had not used any of my 35 weekly points. Not too bad but I felt a little guilty and wanted to burn it off.

I love the biggest loser. I have pretty much watched all of the seasons. Most of the people I know that dont like the show are not over weight and cant relate but when you are overweight/obese it is so motivating to see people do it. The sad part is that we only have two televisions in our home; both are downstairs. The treadmill is downstairs but it will not fit conveniently in one of the rooms with the tv. This had made it hard for me to want to get on the treadmill as there is nothing really to distract you other than music.

Travis purchased the I-pad and I was trying to figure out its perks above and beyond our i-phones. Well, I just did. I was able to download the entire season of Biggest Loser to I-tunes and watch it from the i-pad while I walked on the treadmill. Now the downfall is that I had to pay for it because the I-pad does not support flash and I couldn't download for free from NBC or Hulu. It doesn't matter though, it was $25 well spent.

As I had said in a previous post, I purposely did not watch this season because I was prego and wanted to save it to watch and get motivated after the baby was born. The BL is now 2 hour episodes so with out commercial each episode is two 45 minute segments. I believe there are 16 episodes in the season which means I can watch BL for thirty-two 45 minute workouts. I started this morning. It was so easy to just walk and watch!!

I started out slow as it is my introduction to exercise since quite a while ago. But I walked at a consistent 3.0 for the entire 45 minutes. Earned 4 activity points with Weight watchers and now I am back to even steven. Tomorrow is the big weigh day with my friend. Today I am focusing on drinking my water!

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