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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Tonight I had a CPR class at the Boys & Girls Club. I had to leave the house right at five and hadn't had time to eat any dinner. I quickly ran thru taco bell and got their Fresco burrito. If you haven't tried their Fresco menu, it is a good option for when you are in a hurry. It has less calories and is still yummy. Anyway, it isn't a huge portion so I easily could of eaten more but I am trying hard to stay within my allotted calories.

Well, when I got to the class they had provided pizza for everyone. There were 7 steaming pizzas and the entire room smelled wonderful. I love pizza! There were several different types and also the garlic dipping butter. I was still a little hungry and wanted a piece so badly, actually I wanted two pieces with garlic butter. Yet, I knew if I ate it I would regret it.

What to do?? A public intervention. Right then and there I told my class. I told them that I was recently trying to lose weight and that while the pizza smelled wonderful and I wanted some that I would refrain from eating any tonight. By making a public announcement and telling them, I knew there would be no way for me to eat a piece. Everyone in the class ate the pizzas and I left not even feeling tempted to have any.

I know it seems extreme but it was what had to happen. I know that if I hadn't of done it that I would of had at least two pieces. I recently read hat making your goals public will lead to your success. I think that is so true and which is why my blog has helped me so much to be successful. I publicly tell you all my goals, struggles, etc and who wants to fail among their peers. Not me. So tonight, I had an intervention!

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