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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Points Planning

My friend Rachel, the October recipient of the blog award has recently lost over 50 pounds with Weight Watchers. She looks amazing and has been such an inspiration to me. Here are her before and after pictures.

This post is first to congratulate her but secondly it is to share with you a new awesome resource! She has recently started a new blog that can be so helpful.

The basic concept of her blog is to show how much good, REAL food you can eat while following the points plus plan. They are all things her family eats together. She started the project doing 29 points in 29 days--the base number for most people doing weight watchers ends up being 29. She tracked points for each item, and has included pictures and recipes. You could potentially add or remove certain things if you wanted to substitute for other things in your day--or pull from your weekly points (since they are okay to use!!!) and she has also figured in a dessert on several days.

It is a really great resource. Check it out!! I mean look at her results. The picture below has her and her husband in that same skirt she was wearing in her before pics. I am even contemplating doing her exact 29 day diet.

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  1. YOU ARE SOOO SWEET! Thank you! I am pretty excited about my blog project--and hope to really get more added and all caught up, and the links put on soon! It's a work in progress for sure--but I really hope it helps show how much people can eat--and how REAL they can eat--and how very much WW ISN'T a diet, but a lifestyle change. :)