My Weight Loss Progress

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Ma'am may I please see your ID"

The other day I was purchasing something and I paid with my debit card. The young check out boy quickly looked and me and said "Ma'am may I please see your ID". I was like sure but my picture is right there on my debit card. He then went on to repeat himself and said "Ma'am can I please see your ID". I pulled out my license and he looked at it and then he looked at me repeatedly. I then looked at him strangely and said "is there a problem?". He politely said "no ma'am..I'm sorry but frankly they just don't look like you". I chuckled and told him that he didn't need to be sorry, that I was happy they didn't look like me but that he could quit calling me ma'am. LOL.

When I look at myself everyday in the mirror I obviously see no change, it is not until moments like this or until I see an old picture that I realize that I have made progress and lots of change.


  1. That's AWESOME! You really do notice a difference. What a COMPLIMENT that he asked to make sure it was you! :)

  2. That's super!! =) It's the little things that count. ;)

  3. It really is amazing how you get used to how you and your family look, but when you haven't seen someone for awhile, you notice the changes. I was just looking at photos last night from Yosemite and WOW, you look so much different. YAY for all of your wonderful progress you are making! Hope you've had a great week!