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Thursday, January 5, 2012

My go to breakfast

My new favorite, easy, balanced breakfast is a yogurt parfait. I've been eating it a couple of times per week. What I like about it is that it gives you a good balance of protein, carbs and fat. So it is. I found a very similar recipe on but she used honey. That would be good as well. You could also use stevia.

Yogurt Parfait
1 Oikos plain greek yogurt
1/2 C mixed berries (I use the frozen)
2 TBSP sliced pecans
1 TBSP agave nectar, honey or stevia

You could defrost your berries but I just add them to my yogurt frozen first thing in the morning and then do some of my morning chores, get my kids breakfast ready and then about 15 minutes later I stir it up and chop up the berries with my spoon a little. Give it a good mix and eat it up. I love it! The pecans really add to it.

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