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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weary of the Weekends

2012 has started off right! We have literally been gym rats; going almost daily. Travis also has some goals. He is trying to gain 1 pound a week for 6 months (20-26 pounds). This means that I am restricting my calories and carbs while Travis is eating more than usual. This creates a little bit of a challenge.

During the week; I seem to do great. I get into a routine. I eat my breakfast, drink my water, prepare a healthy dinner that works for both Travis and I. Pretty much I just make a protein, vegetable and carb and I don't eat the carb portion. Travis and the kids eat it though. I feel like I make good choices at home, probably because I don't have a lot of bad ones to choose. When I am hungry I eat my greek yogurt, cheese stick or handful of almonds. I usually eat a sensible lunch too.

It is the weekends that I am weary of. It is during this time that we run errands, take the kids on adventures, attend social gatherings, etc and it seems like the weekends are my sabotage. How can I do better? We eat out way too much on the weekends and we probably need to limit that. However, it seems hard when you are out and about all day to pack a picnic every weekend. I guess there is always Subway and the possibilities of just making better choices.

That is my goal for this month, to really focus on the weekends. To make good choices and to not let the weekends ruin my progress from the week. One thing that is really nice is having Travis as my workout buddy. We don't really work out together but just going together holds us both accountable. I also have 5 girlfriends from church that are members and I have been working out with. Everyone is pumped since it is January; hopefully they all keep it up. I'll need all the motivation I can get.

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