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Friday, January 6, 2012

Almost 1 week down

So we are almost one week into the new year. I can proudly say that I have been to the gym every day since the 31st of December, however I didn't really start my diet until the 2nd. I will be weighing in every Monday morning and tracking my progress on my weight loss tracker on the front page.

I have had some really good workouts. I have had my friend Nikki workout with me a few times and I have tried to incorporate all the things that my trainer, Tammye has taught me. I am trying to pay it forward. We have been working out together and we have been doing some pretty good weight circuits and cardio drills.

Next week is crazy. I literally have CPR every single night of the week. The nice thing though, is that now I can workout during the day too. So I am just going to hit a class every morning. I am taking Friday off cause I have CPR class Friday morning and I don't want to wear myself out. I'll be going to Tammye's weekend warrior on the 14th and I know that will be brutal. I am excited to get that sore again though. Over the past year I have really gotten passionate about working out. I look forward to it and love to work out. The diet has been the part I have struggled with most but I feel like I can do better this time. I am just trying to plan more and really watch my portions and make better choices.

I am going to a spin class called RPM tomorrow morning. I am really looking forward to trying it again. Sadly I can't go next Tues night and I really liked the instructor that night. I want to get back in the saddle though or I'll have to go the excruciating butt pain again. I am trying to go once in the morning next week. Hudson took his first karate lesson on Thursday. He was so cute and very excited about it! I am happy to be instilling good habits for him to exercise at a young age.

I'll be posting a few workouts stay tuned.

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  1. I will be here every Monday to check your progress!