My Weight Loss Progress

Monday, June 14, 2010

Almost down 10%

So I am really hoping to make my 10% weight loss this week since starting weight watchers 8 weeks ago. In order to do it, I need to lose almost exactly 2 pounds and weigh in at 207.9. I actually would like to lose 3 pounds but getting this 10% off will be awesome. They say just losing 10% of you body weight can give you a healthy heart, lower your chance of diabetes, give you more energy and mental edge.

I am going to try really hard to exercise daily even if it is only for 30 minutes. Last night I officially started the c25K plan. It was harder than I thought. It is 3 times a week for nine weeks. I will be posting about my progress. Last night's workout consisted of a 5 minute warm up (I walked at 3.0) then for 20 minutes you walked 90 seconds (3.5) and ran 60 seconds (5.0); it ended with a 5 minute cool down (3.5) I sweat so much. It was a way harder workout than just walking along at 3.5 the whole time. This workout repeats 2 more times this week. I am down to the last episode of biggest loser and trying to think about what I might watch next. Wish there were more Biggest Loser seasons I hadnt seen. It is so motivating to be watching it when you are working out. I think there are other shows similar. I have heard of a show called Ruby and I know that the UK has a version of BL as well. I'll have to get Travis to download for me. I am also thinking about watching 24. I have only seen season 1 and I know it can be addicting as every episode leaves you with a cliff hanger. Any suggestions?


  1. man, you really are rocking it. when do we get to hear about the fancy water oils you got?

  2. BL from the UK for sure! Just think about that british kid from utube- the one that got his finger stuck- so funny. I think BL UK would be funny and motivating! I think these intervals are really going to give you the fitness you need to reach 2 lbs. this week!