My Weight Loss Progress

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A tad bit depressing

So, my goal of 199 is quickly approaching and I know I am going to make it in time for my return to work. While I am so happy with my progress and proud of what I have done, it is still kind of hard for me. The fact of the matter is that I have been hovering right around 200 for the past 10 years, so being this weight really isn't that exciting for me. I had let it get a little more out of control in the past year and then with my pregnancy, etc but I have been between 200-210 for a long long time. Even though I have lost so much, people really don't notice that much because of the fact that I dont really look any different than I have for the past decade. I am really excited for my weight loss in the one hundreds..that is when I and others will really be able to see a change. There was one time in 2005 that I had gotten down to 185 but that was the only time. After this goal of 199 my next goal is to break below 185 as I haven't been below this weight in a long long time.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up but sometimes I kind of feel like the guy on the Biggest Loser. His name was Michael. During makeover week (16 weeks into the show), he had lost almost 200 pounds and was still having to shop at plus size stores. He was still grossly overweight. It was hard for him to celebrate the victory when there was still so far to go. That is how I feel sometimes but I have to remember that he came back and won the show. He didn't give up, he pushed on and made a huge transformation.


  1. Yay!! You got through the whole BL season. lol And, yes... you will do it girl!!

  2. You are doing great Cheryl. I get tired just reading about your workouts on the treadmill. I am happy that you have BL to keep you motivated. You are "Master Cheryl" and can do anything! Have you seen Ruby??

  3. I have never seen Ruby. Have you? I have heard good things about it. I just started Biggest Loser Australia. I think it is going to be pretty good.

  4. You can't let your past dictate your emotional state today- celebrate the now! You are doing awesome- I can't believe how you have embraced the treadmill- you should name it! Like your favortite faithful car that kept taking you around town- this treadmill is facilitating your new bod!