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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weight Watcher results: Week 9

So, I made my 10% today! Down 2.4. Wish it was more but I am still happy with it.

Not too much new around here. Just enjoying the summer and my last few weeks off of work. I am pretty much just staying the course and moving along, nothing real exciting to report. Thursday I did finally get my hair cut; it hadn't been cut since November. I didn't take off much length but got in thinned out and it feels so much better. I'll be postin pics soon. It was nice to have a relaxing hour at the salon. Friday, I taught CPR for a doctor's office and I noticed that they had a Seca scale. This is a very accurate scale that is used in hospitals. Seca specializes in bariatric scales and the one in this office was really nice. It was a balance scale but it was extra accurate because it was in 20 pound increments instead of the typical 50 pound increments. I have purchased these scales for the hospital before and know that they are supposed to be great. While my class was taking their written exam, I snuck out and weighed on it. I was happy to know that it said 205 pounds and that was in the middle of the day with all my clothes on. That made me happy and validated that my scale is a little bit heavy. On my first day back to work, I am going to go back and weigh on my original doctors scale that weighed me at my highest and see my true progress. I am excited! I think I can make the 199!

Well, I'll just keep moving forward. Perseverance to the end. Yesterday, I was looking at some pictures that were taken recently when Trav's family was visiting. I was disgusted at how big I still look. Can't wait to get out of the 200s and able to focus on a real change!

Hope you all have a Happy Father's Day! I have to honor my two favorite guys...My grandpa for being an excellent father even when he didn't have to and to Travis, my excellent husband for being my support and for creating smiles in my children's life. Dont' know what my life would be like without the two of them. May their day be a special one!

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