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Monday, July 11, 2011

Did he say high school?

I have some very close family friends, Peggy & Roy, that are here visiting TN this week. They are some of my grandparents dearest friends and were our neighbors for years when we lived in California. I grew up with their daughters and one of them, Tracy Sise, was a blog award winner. I have literally known these people since I was born and think of them like a second set of parents. While growing up if my grandparents were ever out of town, I stayed with them. I knew where their hide-a-key was and their house was like my second home.

Today my grandparents and them were headed to the lake and it was so hot that I quickly found a babysitter for the baby, then got Hudson and I packed for a day of swimming. Even after all of my weight loss I still hate wearing a swim suit in front of people so I was kind of dreading it. I had seen them in March right after I had Reese and I had seen them last October when Tracy was visiting but it had been about 9 months. As you all know that past 9 months have been pretty slow when it comes to weight loss but I have continued to lose.

Well, today was a good day. As soon as I saw Peggy & Roy they both just kept saying "Wow!" and commenting on how great I looked and how much weight I had lost. This was just what I needed. At one time, Roy even said that he thought I looked like I did when I was in high school and how he couldn't believe how much weight I had lost in my face. Did he say high school? He obviously doesn't remember exactly what I looked like in high school...but hey...I'll TAKE it!

It felt really really good today and it is keeping me going! They are all coming over for dinner on Thursday so I am excited to put on a cute outfit and get fixed up. I guess that even though I don't notice all the small changes, other people can. It just got me that more excited to lose the 20 pounds by labor day. I am really excited to show every one the product of all my hard work. I know that I am no super model but 100 pounds is a lot and I love that every day I am feeling better about my body and more confident.

Can't wait to say hello to 150! Here I come! :)

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