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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 5: Accelerate

I am not sure if today was a success or failure? It was definitely a success compared to my typical dinner party but kind of a failure when it comes to the 17 day plan. I was super busy this morning that I didn't eat enough and then tonight I had a few things I shouldn't have. Here is the break down. For my dinner party I served scalloped potatoes and homemade french bread and I totally abstained, this is a plus! My meatloaf does have some oatmeal in it so that had a few carbs and the tomato sauce. My neighbor brought broccoli cauliflower salad but I know the dressing had some sugar in it. My biggest boof of the day was eating a cookie. I had one when they were right out of the oven; I just couldn't resist trying one. However, tonight when I served them to my guests, I did not have any. I just enjoyed my cup of coffee.

Not a perfect day but not bad either. I am just going to be good tomorrow and forget about it!


Taco Salad left overs

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (homemade)

Green beans
Broccoli/Cauliflower Salad

After dinner snack
Coffee with FF half & half

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  1. What!? You ate a cookie! You failed! J/K. No seriously- you gotta stay focused. Keep your eye on the prize- you lookin' smokin' hot in your family photos, tons of oohs and ahhs from old friends, and most importantly reaching your goal- you can totally do it. But woohoo for not eating bread!