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Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog Award

April's blog award goes to my trainer Tammye Wright aka The Tamminator. Not only is she my trainer but she is my friend and I love her. I started training with her over 8 months ago and she has really helped me tons. She reads my blog and definitely kicks my butt in my workouts. I never leave the gym not feeling sore the next day. She has me doing things that I have never done before. Travis makes fun of me saying that he could never do my workouts because they are all something weird like standing on one foot....but thats just it....I have better balance and way more core strength because of her efforts.

It is really strange. Tammye abuses me in the gym but I actually go thru withdrawals and miss her if I don't see her within a few days. I love her zufu class and have had lots of fun singing and dancing with her. I have agreed to be in a performance next year at the Clayton center which holds over 1000 people. She asked me to dance in it this year but my confidence was just not quite there. I know I could do the dance but not sure about the outfits. :) It felt good though that she believed enough in me to even ask.

She is not an official follower on my blog (not sure why...hint hint if you're reading this) but I know she reads it. Thank you Tammye for encouraging me and believing in me. You have been great and I love our workouts together. I still have a ways to go keep killing me!

Are you local and interested in training with Tammye and me? Let me know! I'd love to take you to a class, a small group personal training session or weekend warrior! prepared to be sore, and I wouldn't start with weekend warrior unless you want to feel like puking. Its great though and WE LOVE IT!


  1. I am so honored!!! I absolutely love working with you and seeing you meet goals and become a strong, fit female! Appreciation from a client makes all my efforts worthwhile, so thank you! I can't wait to see what the next few months hold for you! You are going to reach your goals. Then I say we take a girls weekend to celebrate. :)
    Oh and don't miss anymore because I miss you when you can't come.
    Still waiting on the food journal!

  2. Next year you are gonna kick booty in that leotard! Keep up the good work- can't wait for another WW with you and Tammye!