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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jogging Stroller

This morning I am going for a jog on the greenbelt. We have a nice greenway here that connects most of the local parks in town. I just got a new jogging double stroller. I have been looking for them on Craig's list and the other day I was at a friends house and saw that she had one. Her kids are a little older than mine so I asked her about it and she said she was just about to put it on Craig's List. She was going to sell if for $65 but offered it to me for $50. SOLD! I looked this stroller up online and it is $200 brand new. Last night I cleaned it all up, stitched the one very small hole in the mesh and it literally looks brand new. I can't wait to try it out. Hudson loves it too! Last night he was climbing in it and putting his cars in the cup holders. He was ready to go. It is also nice because you can lay the back down allowing the kids to lay down individually. This will be great for places like Dollywood or long days.

Our area is very hilly so I am excited to have this. I think it will make walking-jogging-running this area much easier. There are even a few short hikes that are paved. We are talking about doing one of them tomorrow. It is called "Look Rock" off the Foothills parkway. It is just a mile but has a beautiful view of the city. Happy trails ahead.

The weather has been amazing! All the trees are in bloom, everything is greening up. I have even laid out a few times and got some sun. There is a tree here in Tennessee called the dogwood. They are very beautiful. The next week is the dogwoods festival. They have tons of walking and driving trails where you can see all the trees. We go every year so looking forward to it. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 88 and sunny. We are planning to spend the day out on the lake with grandparents and their boat. Hudson can't wait!


  1. Let's plan to do a Greenway walk with the kiddos next time I'm in Knox.

  2. sweet deal! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! What an awesome find!

  3. It's a windy, cold, blustery day!! Your gorgeous photo of the trees all in bloom is so beautiful and gives me hope that hopefully, spring is just around the corner for those of us that live in Idaho.

    SO awesome that you live in a place where you can be SO active outside for so many months of the year!! Enjoy your jogging stroller and wonderful weather!