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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday night workouts

So at the request of some of my readers, here are a few more videos. The workout tonight was great. I had Tammye catch a couple of moves on vid. It is so hard because she is trying to manage the group and I only get very short breaks in between the exercises or she gets mad at me. So, I will try and sneak in a few videos but can't promise them all the time. Tonight there were three moves that we havent done they are.

Kettle Bell Pulse with Knee slap jump
(I look ridiculous but seriously these kill. We did 10 pulses then a jump (10x) twice. A big thanks to my friend B.Jaye for agreeing to be in this video)

One Armed Squat and Lift using TRX bands

Side Plank Jump with Push-up (check out our feet on the push-up, they were sideways)

It are these crazy exercises that make me love it so much. There is always a challenge and she is always changing it up so you never know what to expect. This is always a total body workout and I swear you get sore with muscles that you didn't even know that you had. Especially all the core muscles; its all those crazy exercises on the bosu, or stability ball that really kill ya later. Tonight we did 2 sets of 25 squat jumps on the bosu, I know that I will be feeling that tomorrow.

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