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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Girls Night Out

You know you have good friends when they will come workout with you for a "girls night". My friend Maggie is originally from Knoxville but now lives in Nashville. She is in medical sales so travels to Knoxville frequently. She was in town last night so she and her sister came to work out with me. It was great fun. I just got a text from her today "Not going to lie...I am super sore". It is so fun being able to share my journey and experience with other people. While you may read about my workouts in the gym, I think it is hard to understand unless you come indulge in one with me. Any more takers? I only had one other friend ever come with me to a work out and about a month later she tried to get me fired at my job. Hopefully there was no relation?? Haha. Maggie and her sister Mallory were awesome. They are both in good shape and did every exercise to the very end. Great job girls. I hope you will come again!

We did all go to Tomato Head for dinner. I love that place. All of their food is fresh and organic. So yummy. I figure I earned it since I actually worked out twice yesterday. Went to an hour long high impact cardio and then an hour of strength last night. It was a good day!

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  1. giving your blog a hug. i had a great time. i am just now able to go up the stairs. xo