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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hating the Fluctuations

So can I just tell you how much I hate the 2-3 pound fluctuations that you can have within 24 hours. They totally get me down! I was ready to post the picture of the scale. 174 and then today when I got on it said 177. I haven't done anything different! I'll try again tomorrow and just hope that I had ate something salty or was just retaining water. It is seriously infuriating!

It are times like these that I want to give in. Actually...confession....after weighing this morning I was so mad that today I totally went off plan and did not eat like I was supposed to. Isn't that weird how it works. You would think that being up would make me want to be perfect today but it didn' made me want to sabotage the entire thing. When I see good results I do better.

I am trying to convince myself to go to a 20 minute cardio interval workout in order to compensate for some of my poor decisions. Really don't feel like it though. I am drained. Spent the day out in the sun and the kids just went to bed. I am ready for relaxation not another workout. 20 minutes though...right? Tomorrow at church, I am wearing the dress that I wore in for those of you that moaned and groaned about me not having a picture, I will make sure to snap one; so check back.


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  1. I binged last Sunday after seeing a horrible pic of myself- why do we do that?! I have been playing catch up all week. I vow to SHRED every day until the 15th. Hoping to be 131 which will mean 4 lbs down, but I am happy with that.