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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Living Social

I have bought quite a few things from Living Social. If you have never heard of it, you should sign up. Pretty much they post amazing one day deals, then you have about 6 months to redeem. Some examples are color, cut & style at an Aveda Salon for $60 (reg. $120), Schlaak manicure & pedicure for $30 (reg. $60). I have got massages half price, trips to local attractions and museums at big discounts, etc. The deal yesterday was one month at Ladies Total Fitness, a local gym, with unlimited use and classes for $10.

I love my private gym and small group personal training but I have been wanting to try spin. I also had several friends sign up for the deal so I figure if I just go to two classes it was worth my money because individual classes are usually around $5. Some of them were looking for a workout partner so I thought the least I could do is pay it forward and go workout with them a few times.
I am really excited to try their RPM spin class. It is on Fridays and Saturdays; I know you can burn approx. 500 calories in a 50 hour spin. It is also nice cause they have childcare. I am really not interested in joining the gym but it will be nice to be able to get in a few extra sessions this month and prep for summer. I have only been to spin class one other time and it was years ago (like 10 years ago). My cousin-in-law, Bryna, convinced me to go with her. She is in really great shape, check out her blog here. Anyways, it was terrible. I was not in good shape and very overweight at the time. I literally couldn't hardly walk for days. It felt like I had ridden a horse all day long and my muscles and butt bones hurt like crazy.

Yet, I am excited to try again. This time I am more in shape, weigh less and think it will be a great workout and burn. Wish me luck! I also know that I will be using a padded seat cushion so my tush doesn't get quite as sore. All the spinners I talk to say that you get used to it. We will see.

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