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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Dress

My church is pretty casual. We accept anybody...come just as you are. So it is not unusual to see people in jeans. However, this Sunday was a special sunday. For the past year we have been in the process of buying and building a new building. Today was the first Sunday in the new church so I decided to dress up. I had several posts about my Ann Taylor, size 12 dress that I had gotten to wear in Chicago. I did wear it while I was there but then neglected to get a picture. I can't wait till I can wear it without the sweater! It was plenty warm enough today but still not that confident about my arms. it is for those of you that asked.

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  1. FANTASTIC!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! And you LOOK RADIANT! Soooo happy for you! :)
    oh, and I get the frustration from weighing yourself and having the number change so fast. It definitely plays games with your mind!