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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 8

I lost 2 Lbs exactly this week.  I think I actually lost a little more but like I said, I am retaining a little extra water right now.

Today was a crazy day!  I had a CPR class early this morning and then had to run some errands, pick up Reese, volunteer at the church, pick up Hudson and then I was home for about an hour before it was time to take kids to karate.  I wasn't home much at all.

Eating wasn't great in that I didn't eat enough at the right times.  For breakfast I ate a banana, when I picked up Reese at noon I had an apple and I didn't actually eat anything of substance until I got home around 3PM.  I ate some chicken salad and a couple of nut thins with cheddar spread.  Then around 6:15 I had a small piece of left over pork roast from last night and 1/2 C of rice.  I also had 2 dark chocolate squares (instead of 1)!

Still feeling good though and feeling like I am on track for success.  When I stopped at the church around 1, I was hungry and there was pizza and cookies there and I resisted.  For that I am proud!

 Zumba last night was great.   I was so tired and totally not feeling it but then the lights turned off, the music turned up and it was a great time and a great workout!  It is fun working out with friends, I am so glad that I have made relationships with so many of my Zumba peeps.  It has been life changing for me and I am getting to do what I have always loved....Dance!

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  1. I am so inspired by your zumba (and resising pizza. That is TOUGH!)