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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 5

Today (Sat) was mostly successful but not 100% perfect.  I had lifted weights on Friday and I am still doing the 45:15 workouts so I went into my Zumba class pretty darn sore!  I fought thru the pain and I know in the long run it will actually help my soreness.  It was a good workout but because my muscles were so tired, I wasn't quite 150%.  I love teaching Zumba but it does make it hard to embark on other challenges.  I am adding weight training into my schedule twice a week and when you are the teacher of a class, I don't think your students understand how sore and tired you are from other workouts. They still expect that 150%.  I am constantly thinking as I workout...will this affect my Zumba class?  So, if you are in my class and reading this, please understand that I workout more than just when I see you guys :)

My husband has made this tradition of taking our kids out for happy meals on Saturdays after our workout.  Yep, you heard me right, I said McDonalds happy meals.  I however, had the southwest chicken salad grilled.  It is low in calories and super yummy.  If you are ever in a rush and want something low in calorie but fast, I encourage you to try it.

The rest of the day we were busy running errands and I did eat an apple in the middle of the day.  We had planned a date night with a babysitter and had been wanting to try out the new Barley's restaurant in Maryville.  I had a chicken wrap, so I did eat some wheat in the tortilla.  That was my big fail of the day.  I also had a green salad and a coke zero.  (I never promised to give them up completely but I am trying hard to reduce my intake).

I still feel good about what I got accomplished yesterday.  I started this process on Tuesday and I know I have already lost weight.  I will be weighing in every Tuesday and reporting how many pounds I lost every week.  Watch the ticker at the top of this blog to keep up on my progress!

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