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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Some of you may remember that I started this challenge with my mother-in-law after their recent visit here to TN.  I committed to eating like her (gluten and sugar free) if she agreed to exercise like me (at least 4x per week, 30 minutes a day).

I am proud to report that she called me last night and she is doing really well.   She has done walking in her neighborhood, she has walked on her treadmill and even rode her bike several times.  I am happy that we are both doing this and holding each other accountable.

Sometimes eating healthy is hard, exercise is hard but I think so many of us take our bodies for granted. We have strong and able bodies!  I have a friend that is in a wheelchair; he would do anything in this world to be able to run...we can run but instead most of us chose to sit.  There are people in hospitals eating cafeteria bland diets or even being fed intravenously and would love to just eat a healthy meal...we take all of this for granted!

When my mother in law was visiting I insisted that we go on a bike ride at the greenbelt.  It is a relatively easy, paved, flat trail.  I think she was a little apprehensive but she did great.  We went 5 miles and we all lived to tell about it.  While cycling we saw a man in an electric wheel chair enjoying the day and taking in the views of the water and trees; how lucky we were to be able to see the beauty from a bicycle and not a wheelchair.

Don't take this life for granted.  Use your body!  Fuel it, take care of it and use it!

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  1. What an awesome challenge and so fun to have a partner in crime! ;)