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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 9

Yesterday was kind of a crazy day.  It is definitely difficult to get into a new routine or waking kids up at 6:20 and having them out the door by 7:10.  I am so thankful that Travis takes the kids to school because it would waste so much time in the morning for me and it is on his way.  I do really good if I have a project, whether it be cleaning, CPR work, etc if I can wake up and get started on it.  However, that first trip to town kind of throws a wrench in it all and when I get home I don't have that same drive. That is why going to the gym in the morning is kind of a problem for me.  I get a great workout but then I get home and feel worthless.  I am tired and sweaty and its hard to get into a good groove and flow to start doing chores or whatever it is I have that day.

Yesterday, I had a meeting early with the Chamber of Commerce about CPR Choice.  Then I had to rush to be at the Hudson's school at 10:30 because I had promised I would eat lunch with him.  Yep, they eat lunch at 10:30!  Crazy.  I packed a lunch of left over cranberry pork loin and some rice with a few raw carrots.

Once I got home I got into the throws of CPR.  This is a huge change for me as I never have had time to really work on it in the past.  Wednesdays both kids go to school from 8-2:30 so it is my day to get real work done.  I had a few snacks at my desk but I forgot to lay out the meat to defrost.  I was tired at the end of the day and didn't really have dinner prepared so we all just fended for ourselves.  Travis grilled up some hotdogs for the kids and I just munched on miscellaneous things, yogurt, apple, cheese, smart popcorn.

The day didn't go as planned but I think it was still a success!

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