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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lots of Emotion

Well, there is lots of emotion going on in my mind today. Last night we decided that we would have to put our dog to sleep. This was a very hard decision as she seems perfectly healthy other than the fact that her hips are so bad. She has gotten to the point that she can't even walk. I knew that today would be my last day with her so I went to spend some time with her. I think I cried at least hourly. We have lots of memories with her and it was really hard to not drown my sorrows in food BUT I DIDNT. I wanted to but I knew I would regret it later. So instead of eating, I am deciding to work out and get my emotions out on the treadmill.

Lizzy was a good dog. She was our baby for several years. She wasn't perfect but she loved us more than anything. She loved to play ball and frisbee, she lived for them. She loved to go camping and to go on walks to the park. She learned tricks so quickly, she could roll over, shake, speak, and play dead. She learned them all in about a week. Lizzy was a gentle giant, she always wanted to be a lap dog. She has put up with aggressive Jack for 9 years. While she is more than 10 times his size and could of killed him with one bite she instead chose to snuggle him in the winter and let him play the dominant dog. She was always excited to see us, gave us love when we needed it, her love was a pure and perfect unconditional love. We were not the perfect parents and sometimes it was hard, she's had a few lives. She survived eating a bottle of diet pills, several bee stings from eating them, breast cancer and a hematoma on her ear. While she has cost us thousands of hours and was worth it.

Rest in Peace old girl. You were loved and you brought us much joy! Lizzy Dog 10/1998-4/2010

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