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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am always looking for a good recipe. Lately, I have been searching for things that are yummy in taste and low in calorie. A little hard to find but I have had some luck. I am going to post some recipes for Weight Watcher low point value dishes that I have made that I really enjoyed. I am working on pulling them together but will post soon, so check back soon if you are interested. Also, if you have any low calorie/low point recipes to share, that are your favorites, please email them to me at

Surprisingly, I dont feel like I am starving myself. I am just making better choices and better portions. Last night on Biggest Loser they talked about the calories in eating out. Wow! They showed the calorie content in one creamy pasta dish was equivalent to the calories in 8 dishes of a low calorie meal. When I lived at home I never struggled with weight, actually I would of classified myself as thin and then as soon as I moved out I started packing on the pounds. I always tried to make a correlation and wondered if I had some separation anxiety or emotional reason for this happening. I don't think so. However, looking back I think there is a grandma provided 3 square, healthy meals for me everyday and I ate them 98% of the time. Most days I ate a small breakfast (cold cereal, english muffin, bagel), packed my lunch (sandwich, chips) and then had healthy dinner and salad prepared by my grandma. The first summer that I moved away from home Travis and I lived in a tent on the beach (no kitchen in there, haha). We ate out every meal. Then college (no kitchen in the dorm), again every meal was consumed by restaurants, fast food or the college cafeteria. Even still today with our busy schedules Travis and I still eat out quite a bit. I am thinking that this is one of the biggest parts of my problem and it has to stop.

I need to pack my lunch to work everyday and maybe only eat out lunch once a week at the most. I need to plan ahead meals and dinner for my family that are easy and convenient so we aren't grabbing a quick bite after work. Restaurants are evil. Just to put it in perspective check out these numbers.

Ruby Tuesday Veggie Burger: 610 Calories
Olive Garden Tour of Italy: 1450 Calories
Applebees Half Caesar Salad: 570 Calories

Yikes! You'd think eating a veggie burger or a half salad wouldn't be so bad!

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