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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Say No to the Caramelized Pecans

So I knew that yesterday I had a lunch date with one of my girlfriends so I ate a light breakfast in order to save some points for lunch. I decided on the strawberry salad. It was greens and spinach with a small chicken breast, strawberries, blue cheese and caramelized pecans. I asked for balsamic vinaigrette on the side. God must have been watching out for me because the restaurant that we chose, Lakeside Tavern, has the best sourdough bread in the county. I love their bread, it is so yummy! When we got there the waiter came up to us and said, "sorry we are out of bread, it will be about 10 minutes". I quickly responded with "Just dont bring it out, none for me". So proud of myself. My poor friend Maggie, a follower of my blog, declined the bread as well. I think she was a little sad about it since she thinks it is the best bread too but she was supportive and didn't eat it in front of me. Thanks Maggie!

So when I got home I tallied up my points. Greens, strawberries, 1TBSP blue big deal. Then I added the caramelized pecans. Whoa!! 10 points. Ouch. Anyway for future reference I could of skipped the pecans and had two pieces of bread. Darn it. Even though they were high point value I know that is was mostly because of the fat in the nuts and at least the fat in nuts are the good fats. The sugar coating on the nuts was probably not so good. :) Next time I will definitely hold the pecans and probably the bread too!

I am doing good. Not feeling deprived and the blog is really helping. I feel like I can't let you all down. The big weekly weigh-in is tomorrow!

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  1. 10 points for those pecans?! we'll know for next time for sure!